A Walk With Mr. Heifetz

Yuval Boim - A Walk with Mr. Heifetz
“From Philip Himberg, director of the theatre programme at the Sundance Festival, the Israeli actor Yuval Boim, J K Rowling’s agent, Neil Blair, the director Benjamin Kamine, the play has attracted much talented support. The latest to get involved are actors Henry Goodman and Ed Stoppard who are taking part in the JBW reading alongside Yuval Boim.”
– Karen David, The Jewish Chronicle

Two Thousand Years

Yuval Boim - Two Thousand Years

“Several finely honed performances…Cindy Katz is a standout as the aggrieved but entitled estranged sister, as is Yuval Boim…At last Tammy’s handsome new Israeli boyfriend (the charming Yuval Boim), who has been watching the festivities with a bewildered smile, throws himself into the fracas… Stepping among the combatants, he stuns the family into a sudden silence. ‘Enough,’ he says gently. ‘It’s not funny anymore.’ Which is far from true, and happens to be one of the funniest lines in the play.”
– Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“Imaginative direction by Scott Elliott, an atmospheric set by Derek McLane and highly accomplished performances by Yuval Boim, David Cale, Laura Esterman, Jordan Gelber, Merwin Goldsmith, Natasha Lyonne, Richard Masur and a heartrendingly beautiful one by Cindy Katz as Michelle.”
– John Simon,

“Vividly realistic performances…The story’s happiest characters are Josh’s sister Tammy, who enjoys a useful life as a globe-trotting translator, and her easygoing Israeli boyfriend. Natasha Lyonne and Yuval Boim provide them with appropriately cheerful dispositions.”
– Michael Sommers, The Star Ledger

“Bringing a surge of vitality, expanded perspective and humor to the family unit are Tammy’s Israeli boyfriend Tzachi (Yuval Boim) and Rachel’s monstrously self-absorbed younger sister Michelle (Cindy Katz)…solid ensemble.”
-David Rooney, Variety

“Cindy Katz and Yuval Boim provide first-rate support…Elliott draws fine acting from the ensemble.”
– Larry Worth, The Hollywood Reporter

“Two Thousand Years’ will restore your faith in theater… She’s focused on her new boyfriend, Tzachi (Yuval Boim), who’s cute,

– Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News

“He’s an easygoing fellow, portrayed with a natural charm by Yuval Boim.”
– Associated Press

That Awkward Moment

“The bro-ish banter and raunchy sight gags honestly keep the laughs going throughout. Efron and Teller simultaneously lying down on toilets to pee with erections? Unexpected, and well-executed. A creepy sex shop clerk? Hilariously earnest and deadpan. A running gag about Mikey’s penis turning orange from self-tanner? Surprisingly long-lived. Mikey jerking off to a girl’s phone number written on a coaster? Sad, funny, and disarmingly honest. The guys have chemistry, and it keeps the film moving.”

PN1923.45 LS01 Vol. 2 [The Book Play]

“This was the most professional FringeNYC show I’ve seen, both in the quality of the technical design and the performances… The acting in The Book Play is stellar, especially within the two couples… Yuval Boim is convincing at revealing the heartache in the relationship.”
– Amy Lerner,

“Director Stephen Brackett’s staging, with this impeccable cast, is elegant…frequently hilarious and touching play.”
– Andy Probst, Backstage

Wilderness of Mirrors

“Yuval Boim capably rounds out the cast.”
– Bob Rendell,

“There are also excellent performance by Yuval Boim.”
– Simon Saltzman,

The Pillowman

Yuval Boim - The Pillowman

“The grim stories feature eerily mechanical performances by Yuval Boim”
– Simon Saltzman,

“An evening of gripping theater directed by Will Frears and featuring a superb cast.”
– Naomi Siegel, The New York Times

“Some plays put people to sleep, but ‘The Pillowman’ will make many theatergoers lose sleep for some nights to come.”

– Peter Filchia, The Star Ledger

Symphony of Frogs

Yuval Boim - Symphony of Frogs

“Magical…Boim, Ibrahim, and their cohorts delve beneath the surface of human experience.”
– Chloe Veltman, SF weekly