SEXCURITY written and performed by Yuval BoimSEXCURITY

A darkly funny play about our deep need to define ourselves, and the challenges of finding a safe corner of the world – and our minds – in which to do so.

Written and performed by Yuval Boim
Directed by Darren Katz

Daniel can’t write. He can’t keep a boyfriend. He can’t stand the thought of moving home to help his Israeli parents with their failing business. The only thing he can do, it seems, is spiral deeper into a mysterious relationship with a potentially dangerous stranger. Told in a narrative-movement style with virtuosic elegance and a touch of wry humor, SeXcurity explores our deep need to define ourselves and the challenges of finding a safe corner of the world – and our minds – in which to do so.

Created in part through the Field’s Emerging Artist Residency program supported by the Lambent Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation and a generous space grant from Chashama, and a residency at IRT Theater.

Upcoming: Cleveland Public Theater March 24-26, 2016

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UNTITLED BOIM/MCCARRON PROJECTUntitled Boim Mccarron Project Image
A digital comedy series about queer marriage.
In development 2016
Yuval Boim


Sebastian and Samantha, renowned performance artists known to the art world as DINGBAA, present their new cutting-edge Water Submersion.

Created and performed by Yuval Boim and Anne Sorce
The Brick’s New York Clown Theatre Festival
New York, 2006

Yuval Boim

Symphony of Frogs

A driven visual inquiry into the unconscious worlds that fuel our gestures – assembled, disassembled, reassembled and misassembled.

Conceived and written by Yuval Boim and Denmo Ibrahim
Created and performed by the ensemble
Produced by Mugwumpin
A Travelling Jewish Theatre, San Francisco 2005
EXIT Theater, San Francisco 2006

Constance and Paul aren’t doing so great. A homeless woman is dragging the desert through their living room. The bride’s getaway car is lodged in their icebox. If only the crow and wolf-man could satiate baby with a bottle of E minor. Universes peel from their Venetian blinds and leave the couple lost and unrecognizable to each other as they struggle with the desire and inability to connect.

Yuval Boim


A surreal glimpse into the real life of lovers.

Conceived, created and performed by Yuval Boim and Denmo Ibrahim
Directed by Roman Kosins
Musical direction by Roman Kosins
Bebersee, Germany 2004

Commissioned by Bebersee Festival, Germany. Collaboration with renowned cellist Claudio Bohorquez. Created through an artist residency in Lasserre-de-Prouille, France.


The Indelible Mark on Edward Barron

Created and co-directed by Michael Goldfried and Stefano Brancato
Jim Henson Carriage House
New York, 2011

Wild Animus

Created with WaxFactory
Directed by Ivan Talijancic and Jill Samuels
International Tour, 2007