2 Responses to “Get Tape”

  1. Jean Tuite

    Can you do this over the internet or do I have to be in your city and which city are you in? Thanks, Jean Tuite 323-459-9182 cell ph//// 214-792-9945 Might be moving back out to L.A. but currently in Dallas. In meantime may be travelling there to visit/audition etc. in April and/or May. Also on IMDB etc. In the future will need a new reel or update A couple of the projects are on itunes and another on utube. What do you charge for reels?

    • yuval

      Hi Jean,
      I offer audition taping in New York City. The taping service I offer is in-person, however I do offer coaching over Skype. If you find yourself in LA and need to tape an audition I highly recommend Self-Tape Ninja My base rate for a 2-3 minute reel of existing footage is $250. Feel free to email me for a quote when it’s time for a new reel. Let me know if you have other questions!